Our Mission

The Mission of Foundation 45

Suicide affects more than just a neighborhood. Suicide affects more than just the music and arts community. Suicide affects us all. And its impact isn’t felt just locally, it is felt across the world. It is the goal and aim of Foundation 45 to start a conversation and to support people struggling with suicidal thoughts and mental illness as well as those struggling with the collateral damage of losing a loved one to suicide.


That’s the question everyone asks themselves, be they struggling with suicidal thoughts or confronting the loss of a loved one. The road to that hardest of moments has many paths: anxiety, depression, addiction, abuse, and more. Those in the creative world (musicians, artists, etc.) struggle with it, too. Possibly more. And many of them don’t have access to the resources for mental health many of us do. In addition, many creatives hold on to their darkness for fear that healing will make their art fade.

We’ll never tell you we can stop suicide, but we won’t stop until we arm the Dallas Arts Community with as many tools in the quest for mental health as we can. We want to Break Stigma, Promote Living, and Foster Creativity.

Live Fast, Die Slow