Over 45 DFW Artists in a One-Night Event

60+ Guitars Transformed Into Works of Art

Get ready for an incredible spectacle at Art of the Guitar! A group of 45 wildly talented artists, including nationally acclaimed cartoonist William Bubba Flint, the creative force India Hearne from Whiski Designs, multifaceted artist IZK Davies, and oil/acrylic maestro Brianne Moore, have transformed 45 donated guitars into stunning works of art.

See the 2023 Artists & Works Below

These masterpieces are not just up for auction – each one is a fundraiser for Foundation 45’s invaluable mental health services and community events. The lucky highest bidder will not only own a unique guitar, but they’ll also receive a personal narrative, detailing the artist’s journey with Foundation 45 and their personal connection to mental wellness. With the charismatic Nilufer Arsala of KXT 91.7 holding the reins and renowned auctioneer Reid Robinson igniting the auction fervor, Art of the Guitar promises to be a remarkable fusion of creativity, community, and philanthropy. Everyone should join in on this fantastic event!

Artists Include

Aidan A Gantt, Ace Cordell, Abi Eigbobo, Aden Holt, Alexandra Bovard, Amber Campagna, Amanda Reid, Amariah Riley Cannon, Andy Don Emmons, Benjamin Wright Coleman, Bubba Flint, Brianne Moore, Breonny Lee, Chelsea Bible, Colleen Bradford, Corey Godfrey, Dan Colcer, Danielle Ellis, Jaret Reddick, Dorothea Hart, Ellie Oddo, Erica Guajardo, Eric Mancini, Erin Johnson, India Hearne, Izk Davies, Jennifer Wallace, Jonathan Taylor, Joshua Daniel Hurston, Kaia Beggs, Kristin Atwell, Mark Ross, Mikki Mallow, Nita Patel, Nadia Leos, Nathan Kropp, Phoebe Martin, Rachel Lemoine, Richard Ross, Susan Carson, TC Oliver, Toni Martin, Unhinged Flora, Vero Andrade, Victoria Ornelas

*Participating Artists are subject to change


Foundation 45 Art of the Guitar Dallas Artist Abieyuwa Eigbobo

Abieyuwa Eigbobo, a Nigerian-born artist based in Texas, has been passionate about art since her childhood, often drawing and creating her own cartoons. Despite temporarily pursuing a more “serious” career after college, she realized her true calling was art and has been working tirelessly to expand her portfolio since participating in her first art show. Abieyuwa prides herself on being a versatile artist, with interests in drawing, painting, digital art, photography, and video, and is continually learning new techniques through courses and self-teaching. Her artwork predominantly features black women, as she values representation and aims to spread positive images of her community. She defines success as an artist by the completion of a project that aligns with or surpasses her initial vision, and believes a positive outlook, dedication, and faith in one’s talents are essential for achieving this.

Bri Moore Dallas Art of the Guitar Artist

Bri Moore, professionally known as Art By Bri Moore, embarked on her journey as a professional artist in 2020. She is versatile, having explored and worked with a multitude of artistic mediums. Her creations have graced various group exhibitions around Dallas, reflecting her growing prominence in the art scene. Over the years, Brianne’s artistic expression has evolved significantly, resulting in a unique perspective and approach to her work. Restless in her pursuit of artistic growth, she continually seeks new and engaging projects, always striving to push the boundaries of her creativity.

Dan Colcer

Dan Colcer, born in Hunedoara/Transylvania, Romania, is an artist and alumnus of the School of Arts in Cluj-Napoca/Transylvania and Cairo University. After moving to the United States in 2006, he embraced the art scene in Chicago before settling in Dallas in 2008, where he contributed to the beautification of the Deep Ellum neighborhood with several murals and art installations. He participates actively in local art festivals and gallery shows and was part of the international Cool Globes project. His notable achievements include a first prize for the Tunnel Vision mural project in 2014 and a character award in 2017 for his “Catching Fish” mural for the 42 Murals Project. Colcer’s work can be found globally in public and private collections, including The Omni Dallas Convention Center Hotel.

benjamin wright coleman

Benjamin Wright Coleman, an esteemed artist and illustrator, focuses his work on the human form, delving into existential questions, sexuality, and the realm of fantasy. His pieces are characterized by multiple layers, dry humor, and concealed elements that invite viewers to uncover hidden meanings. He has garnered a dedicated following for his unique interpretation of the classic New York City choking victim poster, adding his own ‘spicy’ twist. Additionally, his comic-inspired growing art subscription has solidified his reputation in the art world.

Danielle Ellis Dallas Artist

Danielle Ellis, an Oak Cliff native, is a passionate multimedia artist and educator, dedicated to making art accessible to everyone. Her artistic journey began with her parents, continued through summer workshops at the South Dallas Cultural Center, Booker T. Washington High School of the Performing and Visual Arts, and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). As a black queer woman practicing African spirituality, her personal work delves into identity and the sacred symbolism of Southern African American history. She has taught art across DFW Metroplex, inspiring people of all ages to create unique pieces, while also challenging misrepresentations and misunderstandings of traditions like Hoodoo through her art. Danielle believes success is multifaceted – from finishing a painting and expressing her emotions, to encouraging people to come together to create, and fostering an environment where art can thrive.

Eric Mancini North Texas Artist for Foundation 45s Art of the Guitar Event

Eric Mancini, a Denton native, is a multi-faceted artist known for his unique design of tessellating graffiti-style X’s and O’s, which he has incorporated into both murals and canvas art. His artistic journey began as a coping mechanism for personal struggles, despite the societal pressures that dismissed art as an impractical livelihood. Over time, Mancini expanded his repertoire to include distinct portrait painting, photography, and installation art, earning him recognition from esteemed publications like D Magazine, Dallas Observer, and Dallas Morning News, among others. Unafraid of criticism, he once provocatively displayed prints of negative Facebook comments on his political art, highlighting his commitment to freedom of expression and audience engagement. Mancini firmly believes in continual reinvention and evolution as an artist, encouraging aspiring artists to seize opportunities and pursue their passion without fear.

Dallas Artist Erica Guajardo

Erica Guajardo, a Dallas-born artist and former Fabrics and Frames Furniture employee, enhanced her artistic vision before earning a Bachelor of Science degree in University Studies from the University of Texas at Arlington. Her career as a curator and program developer began with an internship at the Dallas Contemporary Museum. In 2015, she transitioned from interior design to full-time artistry, simultaneously fostering opportunities for other artists and impacting the West Dallas art scene. She served as the PR Manager for Little D Market and supported the West Dallas Chamber of Commerce board before joining the Mesquite Arts Center as an assistant manager in 2018. Guajardo’s art, inspired by nature, culture, people, and food, pushes boundaries with its anthropomorphic, androgynous, ambiguous elements and is influenced by street art, interior design, and current pop culture fashion trends.

Corey Godfrey North Texas Artist

German-born artist Corey Godfrey, currently based in Dallas, Texas, has been a dynamic figure in the local artistic community for over 18 years. After earning her BFA in drawing and painting from the University of North Texas in 2008, she discovered an intense passion for craft and fiber arts—specifically working with yarn, a medium frequently connected with women. Her work, deeply inspired by her dreams and memory, ranges from 2D and 3D works to immersive installations, exploring themes like female sexuality, the world’s ever-changing nature, and introspective self-discovery. Beyond regional and national exhibitions, Corey also contributes to the Dallas art scene through her role at AURORA, a city-based leading arts organization. As an artist and arts advocate, she cherishes the opportunity to support artists locally, nationally, and internationally while promoting social connections and activism within Dallas. She continues to grow her artistic practice and remains a committed member of the arts community.


IZK Davies, known for his artistic creations under the name IZK Art, began his artistic journey at a young age, inspired by his creative family. Over the past 15+ years, he has specialized in large format murals, leading to numerous public art projects across America, particularly in his home city of Dallas. Known for his unique blend of realism, surrealism, and portraiture, Davies often collaborates with other artists and contributes to community outreach programs focused on creativity and neighborhood revitalization. Despite facing challenges in mastering the spray paint can and overcoming the stigma associated with graffiti artists, he has successfully built a bridge between artists and cities, fostering a relationship that allows for innovative public art proposals. As a veteran muralist, Davies is optimistic about the future of the industry, foreseeing continued popularity and support for murals and public art.

Jennifer Wallace DFW Artist for Foundation 45's Art of the Guitar

Jennifer Wallace, a Dallas, TX based artist well-known for her original acrylic paintings on canvas, including her captivating Beauty & Bones collections. Renowned for her abstract and modern style, Wallace’s work draws inspiration from nature and the human form, encapsulating emotions and stories within each piece. Since beginning her professional career in 1995 as a graphic designer and later becoming a freelance artist in 2001 at Watch Me Design, she has created diverse works across various mediums. In June 2020, she incorporated her experience as a designer and illustrator into acrylic painting, resulting in vibrant artwork that fuses beauty and bones into unique pop art figures. These figures serve as a poignant reminder of life’s fragility and vulnerability.

Ace Cordell

Ace Cordell, a 39-year-old metalsmith and sculptor, discovered his passion for welding at Mountain View College in Oak Cliff, where he interned under a professor for four years. Post-graduation, he balanced teaching night classes, bartending, and creating artwork for local businesses. Despite Dallas’ vibrant arts scene, Cordell felt it lacked certain elements, leading him to create ‘Jezebel,’ a mobile installation built from recycled materials, intended as a satire on society’s acceptance of violence. Every piece, including the intimidating-looking guns, is constructed from miscellaneous parts sourced from local scrap yards, none of which ever belonged to a firearm. Cordell’s past projects included a meat smoker for Braindead Brewing, featuring a gun made entirely from reclaimed children’s toys.

Mark Ross

Mark Ross, a Syracuse University BFA graduate in Illustration, embarked on his journey as a freelance illustrator in 1992. His early career included positions as a staff illustrator for Fossil and Studio 212°, where he honed his skills as a traditional painter and illustrator. These experiences have greatly influenced his now predominantly digital work. In 2004, he established Mark Ross Studio, an independent full-service studio committed to delivering the highest standard in creative image making. The studio offers a broad range of services including illustration, CGI, digital matte painting, retouching, photo manipulation, and digital photography, with a strong dedication to client satisfaction and superior image production for each project or campaign.

Breonny Lee

Breonny Lee is a Dallas-based photographer, who views her camera as an essential tool in capturing the wonders of human existence and the world. Her unique style, characterized by boldness and unconventional perspectives, results in attention-grabbing imagery. She collaborates with various creative professionals, creating striking promotional materials that help them connect with their audience. A lifelong music enthusiast, she particularly enjoys capturing the passion of local bands during concerts. Ultimately, she is an experimental photographer, always on the hunt for the elusive “perfect” image.

Richard Ross

Richard L. Ross, a self-taught artist hailing from Irving, Texas, holds a degree in History from the University of Dallas. His artistic voice was nurtured in the early hardcore punk scene of Dallas, where he found beauty within the chaos and began to question life’s grand narratives. This led to the development of his unique metanarrative, “The Road to the Store”, inspired by the Kantian concept that beliefs stem from the question, “what can I hope”. Ross’s artistry features a symbolic cast of characters who depict his narrative through snapshots of the chaos and uncertainty experienced on his journey. Utilizing various mediums, from mixed media collage to lino cut collage, Richard Ross’s work is largely influenced by his journey and the concept of being a traveler on the ‘Road to the Store’.

Toni Martin DFW Artist for Foundation 45 Art of the Guitar

Toni Martin, a self-taught artist, has turned her passion for creativity into a career, using various mediums to express personal themes filled with hope and joy. Despite facing hardships as a starving artist, her talent was recognized by patrons who supported her. Martin’s artistry extends beyond a single medium, employing sculpture, painting, and photography to express herself and connect emotionally with others. Her creative process, which she likens to making music, involves transforming abstract ideas into physical forms that symbolize personal vulnerability and resonate with audiences. Currently, she is working on new ICON pieces with three-dimensional elements and a 12-foot welded steel butterfly sculpture.

T.C. Oliver Art of the Guitar Artist

Travis C. Oliver is a Denton, Texas-based artist and teacher, who has a unique background being raised by a nail technician and a tombstone maker. His upbringing significantly shapes his artistry, marrying ornamentation with practicality in his work. Incorporating elements of cartoon, western, and tattoo imagery into wood, Oliver explores his identity through his creations. In addition to his educational role, he has done illustrations for bands and businesses, sold his work at DFW markets, and partnered with Everything Ellum for a merchandise line. Oliver’s work, which reflects his love for music, cartoons, and tattoos, has been showcased in group exhibitions in DIY spaces, Plush Gallery, and the Texas Art Education Association Member Showcase.

Unhinged Flora

I’m Britna, the artist behind Unhinged Flora. I started experimenting with different art forms in 2021 to express myself after a break-up and a global pandemic. In 2022, I found the ancient art of pressing flowers and fell in love. Never one to conform, I added my own personality to pressed flower art by adding sassy sayings and a lot of cuss words. I posted my new art on social media, people started talking and buying, and with that, an art business was born. Unhinged Flora has since grown to include workshops, a guest artist (met through F45), custom orders, and inspirational (and creative) private events. I’m also a “consumer” of Foundation 45’s services. Because F45 is credited with helping to keep me sane, it is important to me to help F45 in any way possible. I volunteer at events, have hosted fundraisers and donated items for another F45 auction, and I am so honored to be a participating artist in the 2023 Art of the Guitar event!

Sneak Peek

Select Guitars Auctioned on October 21st!

What is Art of the Guitar 2023?

Show Tickets SOLD

Art of the Guitar will took place Saturday, Oct. 21st. We’re thrilled to announce $22,000 in total was donated towards the Art of the Guitar event! This will have a profound impact on our mission of providing free mental health services to our community.
We are truly grateful for each and every one of you who contributed to the success of “Art of the Guitar 2023”. Your unwavering support and dedication are what made this event a remarkable one!

Our heartfelt thanks go out to our incredible sponsors, who played a pivotal role in making this event possible: Kettle Art , Deep Ellum Brewing Company , Serendipity Wines, The Edmund Gomez Law Firm , Olivia Law LLC , Madison Partners, Live Nation, The Nines – Deep Ellum , Total Mental Wellness, Deep Ellum Art Company , East Dallas Vintage , Double Wide, St. Pete’s Dancin’ Marlin, Ruins , State Fair Records , Hass Productions and AllGood Cafe. Your support and commitment to our cause have been instrumental to our success, and we are deeply grateful for your partnership.
We would also like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the talented artists who participated in the event. Your creativity and dedication added a unique and inspiring dimension to “Art of the Guitar 2023.” Also, we would like to extend a special thank you to all of the amazing artists at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts that contributed their work.
The list of our amazing artists includes:
Aidan A Gantt, Ace Cordell, Abi Eigbobo, Aden Holt, Alexandra Bovard, Amber Campagna, Amanda Reid, Amariah Riley Cannon, Andy Don Emmons, Benjamin Wright Coleman, Bubba Flint, Brianne Moore, Breonny Lee, Chelsea Bible, Colleen Bradford, Corey Godfrey, Dan Colcer, Danielle Ellis, Jaret Reddick, Dorothea Hart, Ellie Oddo, Erica Guajardo, Eric Mancini, Erin Johnson, India Hearne, Izk Davies, Jennifer Wallace, Jonathan Taylor, Joshua Daniel Hurston, Kaia Beggs, Kristin Atwell, Mark Ross, Mikki Mallow, Nadia Leos, Nathan Kropp, Phoebe Martin, Rachel Lemoine, Richard Ross, Susan Carson, TC Oliver, Toni Martin, Unhinged Flora, Vero Andrade, Victoria Ornelas.