This is for Jordan:

Remix Recovery

This is for Jordan: Remix Recovery proudly assists participants in exploring new ways to stay involved in the art and music scene, and create new ways of having fun that do not require having to be drunk or high in the process. Everyone has the ability to be unique and authentically themselves no matter what while still maintaining their creative edge. 

What’s the deal?


Foundation 45 is excited to bring back our substance abuse recovery group for those 18 and up led by Aaron Hill. Aaron is a Masters-Level Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor with years of experience who’s passionate about our scene and gets what it’s like to be on both sides of the table. This is an open group – applications are no longer required. Although we believe participants should attend weekly to get the most out of this program, attendance is not tracked or required.


Anyone ages 18 and older within their first 6 months of successful sobriety is welcome to attend. Duration of sobriety, however long or short, will not be a determining factor of applicants selected. We want people with all different lengths of sobriety in this thing together.


Every Tuesday (beginning April 4)
7-9 PM
Weekly virtual sessions + 1 in person group outing a month


This is a high-touch program with weekly meetings and a curriculum. You will highly encouraged to attend each of the 12 meetings, and complete a minimal amount of required homework each week (approximately one hour per week or less). Two weeks will be used as buffers for topics we want to expand on as a group.


  • Topic 1 Orientation
  • Topic 2 WTF?! What is substance use disorder?
  • Topic 3 Feelings: That sh!t don’t feel good
  • Topic 4 Triggers: It’s not just an overused buzzword
  • Topic 5 Distress tolerance and crisis survival skills
  • Topic 6 TREAT YOSELF! Validating your story and recovery
  • Topic 7 Healthy relationships
  • Topic 8 Who am I now?
  • Topic 9 Goals: What the f*#$ to I do now?
  • Celebratory outing Having fun in recovery and exposing yourself back to the scene in healthy ways


Meet Your Counselor

Zandra Ellis

Zandra is a Masters-Level Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and founder of Rise Above Counseling Services. Rise Above is a private practice and peer support group founded on the principle that sobriety is not boring. Taking the queues from the famous Black Flag song of the same name, Rise Above replaces the human entity of society with each person’s drug of choice. Each person is taking on the challenge to no longer be slave to the substance, but take control and rise above to soar at greater heights, defiantly casting away personal doubt and naysayers using the same passion and punk rock rebellion embedded deep in us all. Zandra is also the lead substance abuse counselor and one of the co-founders of Foundation 45 in world-renowned Deep Ellum, a get-yo-life-coach, social activist and commentator, rabble-rouser, professional loud mouth, and is dedicated to the idea of dismantling negative social systems because freedom is not for the meek nor for those who ask- it is for those to who dare to take it by force.

Emergency Services

Text 741-741

The service is ran by, a nationwide organization that connects people in need with trained crisis counselors any time at no cost.

Call 1-800-273-TALK

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline provides confidential and free services from skilled counselors at a crisis center in your area.